Jason Smith founded Xcell Professional Auto Care in 2011.  His wealth of over 15 years of experience has been the backbone of the company’s growth.  Throughout his career as a professional detailer he has operated over 5 car washes, 3 mobile detailing companies and our newest detailing facility within Lauderdale Lakes, FL.

Our new detailing facility within Lauderdale Lakes, FL. offers detailing of auto vehicles for transportation companies, retail customers, paint shops and dealerships.  We have services which include Exterior and Interior cleaning, Light and Deep Steam of exterior and interior of vehicle, waxing, buffing, clay bar, sprinkler water removal and complete detailing bumper to bumper.

At Xcell Professional Detailing we strive in raising the bar in quality and meticulous detailing that shows how true professional auto detailing and refurbishment of your auto vehicle should be.

At Xcell we utilize top of the line commercial grade professional equipment. Our technicians are trained to utilize the proper methods in cleaning, refurbishing and rejuvenating your vehicles true appearance.

We look forward too being your primary source for all of your auto detailing and refurbishment needs.  Xcell takes pride in renewing, refreshing and restoring your auto vehicles.



Xcell Professional Auto Care

3083 N.W. 28th Street

Lauderdale Lakes, FL  33311